2018 Blazing Bats ENQ Rules
 1. Umpires: All umpires are ASA sanctioned. Only the manager and player involved are permitted to question any decision made by the umpire. Any other individual entering the field of play or engaging in the discussion to question or otherwise object to any decision will be subject to immediate ejection. ASA Rule 4 Section 8 page 54, there will be no questioning of ball and strike calls. Any roster member guilty of such will have ejected themselves from further play in that game.

2. Coin Toss: Takes place prior to EVERY game. If the coin toss has taken place prior to the end of the previous contest the Home Team will have its choice of dugouts, otherwise teams will not be required to switch dugouts. Line-Up cards are to be properly completed, and submitted to the umpire prior to the start of each game. The line-up shall contain the first and last name, position, and uniform number (if applicable) of each starter and available substitutes. NO team will be permitted to start any game until a PROPERLY completed line-up card is submitted. Only one individual is permitted out of the dugout in the on deck batter area
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    3. Equipment: All equipment used in the play of this tournament must meet and conform to the rules, regulations and certification requirements of the Amateur Softball Association. Tournament officials and the Executive Director reserves the right to take possession of any equipment used in the play of this tournament for examination and evaluation. Failure to permit this will deem the equipment as illegal or not approved and thus will not be permitted to be used in any further play in the tournament. By using any equipment in the play of this tournament the individual, manager or team agrees to permit this equipment to be taken by tournament officials for examination or evaluation. Failure to allow tournament officials to take possession of equipment for examination and evaluation will subject the individual and team to immediate disqualification from further play in the tournament.    
7. Rules: This tournament shall be governed by the official ASA rules. Any participant, manager, coach or team causing undue disturbances will be reported to the state and national office and dealt with accordingly. The decision of ASA tournament officials on all matters of protest will be final.
8. Infield Practice: No infield practice of any type is permitted between games on the field where the game is scheduled.
9. Dugout Limits: A maximum of FOUR (4) Coaches & 1 Scorekeeper are permitted in the dugout.
10. Time Between Innings: One minute is the maximum time allowed between innings. This will be strictly enforced. Encourage your players to hustle on and off the field.
11. Turn in Scores:  Scores must be turned into Tournament Gazebo within a half hour of completion of games.

14. Time Limit: There will be a 75 min time limit on all games. At the completion of the 75 min Time Limit, we will finish the inning in question, unless the game is over due to the run-ahead rule or we have completed 7 innings. ADDITIONALLY in Pool Play we will use the above timing rules plus a 1:25 hr Drop Dead rule in order to keep the tournament on time. Ties are permissible in Pool Play. In the elimination round we must have a winner so the International Tie-Breaker Rule will be in effect at the completion of the untimed inning or the top of the 8th inning, if the game is tied. NO TIME LIMIT IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.
15. BATTING ORDER OPTIONS: 1). Bat a straight 9 players in accordance with the ASA Rules 2). Bat 9 players and utilize the DP/FLEX rule 3). You may bat as many as you like. Short-handed rules will apply should they drop player(s) below the number they started the game with.
16. Courtesy Runner: A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and catcher of record. A courtesy runner may be any eligible substitute who has not yet entered the game, or the last recorded out. Should the last recorded out be the pitcher or catcher the previous out would be used.
17. Standard Seeding Tie Breakers will be used after overall record : 1). Head to Head 2). Runs Allowed 3). Runs Scored 4). Coin Toss In the event that teams do not play an equal number of games winning percentage will be used in lieu of overall record and the runs allowed and scored will become average runs allowed and scored.
18.  Rain delay and refund policy: Game time limits may be adjusted if rain delays happen.
*If a team plays 0 games and the tournament is cancelled for any reason - refund $ 350.00
*If a team plays 1 game and the tournament is cancelled for any reason - refund $ 250.00
*If a team plays 2 games and the tournament is cancelled for any reason - refund $ 150.00
*If a team plays 3 games and the tournament is cancelled for any reason - refund $ 75.00
*If a team plays less than 4 games but the tournament is completed - no refund
*If a team was given discount for multiple teams:  Refunds are as follows:
0 games played : refund: $325.00
1 game played: refund: $225.00
2 games played: refund: $125.00
3 games played: refund $50.00
4 games played: no refund
4. Bats: Any player/team using a bat altered or intentionally painted or in some way had its appearance changed or altered to deceive or gain an advantage will be subject to disqualification from further participation in the tournament according to the rules of the ASA. Only ASA Approved Bats meeting all ASA requirements will be permitted to be used in this tournament.
5. Run Ahead Rule: The ASA of OH Advance Play Tournament Rules will be in effect for ALL games throughout the play of the tournament. Any team leading by fifteen (15) or more runs after three full innings, or ten (10) or more runs after four complete innings or eight (8) or more runs after five or more full innings of play shall be declared the winner. The losing team must have had their opportunity to bat in the inning in question. IN POOL PLAY ONLY: At any time during the UNTIMED INNING either team goes ahead by 8 runs the game is official in this case the home team may not be afforded their at bats.     
6. Eligibility: ASA of OH Age Eligibility Rules will be strictly enforced throughout the play of the tournament. Any ineligibility discovered will be penalized according to the rules and regulations of the ASA. All eligibility questions will be the full decision of the ASA officials and representative. Regardless of age or roster eligibility; players may only participate with one team in this tournament.
12. Schedule: It shall be the responsibility of each team manager to obtain the proper time and field for each of their team’s games. This shall also hold true in the event of a weather delay. A fifteen minute grace period will be given only from the original starting time of the game in question. Times must be obtained or verified by contacting the ASA Tournament Director. No time other than that on the official bracket will be considered official unless obtained from the ASA tournament representative. Teams shall be prepared to play up to 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time and may be moved to open fields as they become available.
13. Forfeits: Any team who intentionally forfeits there last pool game(s) will be given the worst seed assignment for the elimination round. All of their scoring will count as played any forfeits being awarded as a 7-0 victory. However they will receive the last seed regardless of their record.